I want to help capture your great one

"Life is made up of a great number
of small incidents and a small number
of great ones."

i'm brittany

The southern belle, former ballerina, dog obsessed, travel loving, preacher's wife based in Birmingham, Alabama. 

I am dedicated to the stories and traditions of Southern weddings, and I can't wait to hear more about yours

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Here is what I’m convinced of after photographing weddings for over 7 years... Your love, your marriage and your commitment to one another looks like no one elses. In the same way that every person has a unique story, I believe every love and relationship tells a story. It is because of that, I believe in throwing out the wedding photography script. While your wedding day will be something we plan and organize and talk about for months, it will also be a day to celebrate your marriage... your unique marriage and there is no script for that kind of love.



I believe in the importance of having family formals to treasure and having a wedding day schedule to follow, but my most important job is to calmly and discreetly capture the unexpected, the surprising and the beautiful things that happen while people are present. I believe in preserving feelings, I believe in celebrating open-mouth-laugh-out-loud-kind-of-joy, and I believe that your grandmother’s dance moves deserve to be captured and celebrated because they are amazing.

"Her photos will capture your exact feeling at the exact moment she took it."

Your dad's last look, your grandmother's laugh and your mother's veil...
Your family's legacy made to last through timeless, beautiful images

"What you can't see from her portfolio, though, is her interpersonal skills. She has the amazing ability to put everyone at ease - from 2 year old nieces to 90 year old grandmothers and everything between. Weddings are filled with so many emotions, and Brittany navigates them all with such grace and poise, with her ultimate concern always being the happiness of the bride and the groom. I can't thank her enough for being a big part of the reason I was so calm, content, and perfectly happy on my
wedding day."

- Love Be Bride, Katie 

10 Hour Wedding Day Coverage
Online Gallery   |   USB of images   |   Second Photographer 
Engagement Session 

Collection 2



10 Hour Wedding Day Coverage
Online Gallery   |   USB of images   |   Second Photographer
10 x 10  B & G Album   |   Engagement Session
2 hours rehearsal dinner coverage

Collection 3

8 Hour Wedding Day Coverage
Online Gallery   |   USB of images

Collection 1

A la carte hours: $500 / hour
Bridal or Engagement Session: $650
Rehearsal Dinner Photography: $450/ hour  
Guest Book Album: $485


*A retainer of 20% of your total and a signed contract by the bride and groom is required to reserve your date.*

*contact me for more information about video services*

Do I need to do an engagement session?

Engagement sessions are a great way to get comfortable in front of the camera and in with each other but they are not necessary in order to be comfortable on your wedding day! We will be in constant communication throughout wedding planning and will have time to get to know each other well. We want to know you, and we want you to know us, so we can best document what’s important to you on your special day. The main benefit of an engagement session is it always allows for more natural, authentic images on your wedding day because you know your photographer, and you’re more comfortable in front of the camera and know the results of different direction/prompts given. In the years we’ve been serving couples, we’ve found the engagement session to be an appreciated part of what we do. Another benefit of an engagement session is document a location or city different from your wedding location. Want to celebrate the place you met but your wedding is in your hometown? Engagement sessions are the perfect way to pull in important parts of your story! 

Do you include digital negatives with your wedding collections?

All wedding collections come with access to an online gallery as well as a Digital Negatives USB with high-resolution, fully edited images with the rights to print your photos on your own. We ask that you do not alter the images in anyway or submit them to press without our consent. 

Have you shot at ______ [insert venue name]?

If it’s in the Birmingham area, we most likely have shot a wedding or session there. That being said, even if we haven’t, part of providing amazing wedding photography is adapting to changing surroundings on the fly. We can find beautiful in the places you might not expect it, and we are experienced in adapting to ever-changing surroundings. If we haven’t shot at your venue, we’ll bring the proper equipment and be sure to arrive in plenty of time to setup provide you with amazing images from your big day.

Do you recommend doing a “First Look?”

We recommend planning your day around the light! We don’t pressure our couples to do a First Look or to keep things traditional. We simply encourage you to think about the time of day you are getting married, and allow at least 1 hour after your ceremony for photos in natural light (before sunset). This means, if you are getting married at 6:00 in December when the sun sets at 5:15, it would best for you to reschedule for an earlier time of day or consider doing a First Look. But if you are getting married at 6:00 in June when the sunsets at 8:30, you can choose whatever you’d like to do! Remember: having that natural light is incredibly important for delivering those beautiful, dreamy photos you are hoping for.

Are all the images I receive “retouched?”

All of the images we provide to you will be color-corrected and adjusted for exposure, where necessary. Many don’t need any retouching. We do not do heavy Photoshop work because we think authentic is beautiful, but we will use it where necessary. Our goal is to always have images that stand the test of time.

How many images will I receive?

For weddings, you can expect to receive 600-800 images. For the sessions, you can expect to receive 30-40 images.

Will I receive all of the images you take?

No, and you’ll be glad you didn’t! We can take as many as 3,000 – 5,000 images on a wedding day, and we go through all of them and pick out the best ones. Trust us, you don’t want the one of Uncle Harry sneezing right as we took the picture! Simply put, we believe in quality over quantity.

How do we order prints?  

Every event or session will get a online gallery to view and order prints. You’ll be able to download the digital images directly from that gallery. You can order prints through us, using our professional print shop for beautiful, high-quality prints, or you can print them at another outlet of your choosing. While we love Walgreens’ convenience and Walmart’s low prices, we do not recommend printing your images there! We recommend using Mpix for ordering prints on your own. For the best quality and for prints and canvases displayed in your home, we recommend ordering directly from your personal online gallery.

Do you charge for travel? How much will it cost to have you shoot my wedding in _____?

We do charge for travel outside of the Birmingham area. We’d be happy to provide you a travel quote that would cover our travel expenses including fuel, food, travel time, and lodging (if necessary).

I’m still looking for a ______ vendor. Do you know anyone? 

We are privileged to work with some of the best wedding vendors in the area, so if you need a recommendation for videography, entertainment, florals, stationery, or anything else, we’d be happy to suggest someone that we know will serve you well.

Frequently Asked Questions